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Soulful Surf Club

Join our all Women Club!

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Soulful Surf Club was created to help you improve your surfing, understanding of the ocean, and overall wellbeing!

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Yoga & Movement

Get access to classes designed especially for ocean-loving women. Building strength, mobility, and flexibility to enjoy your salty sessions even more!
You will benefit from them not only when you surf, but all the practices will also help you improve your overall wellbeing.

Surfing & The Ocean

Sharing our knowledge about this beautiful sport and its ever-changing environment - the Ocean. 
Get access to classes that will help you build your confidence and skills from Beginner to Intermediate level surfer.
Learn from our experienced, passionate female instructors and have fun in the waves!

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Join our all Women community! 
Connect with other likeminded ladies in our online community

and during in-person group sessions.
We love sharing our experience, encouraging and supporting each other!