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Elation is a sustainable and ethically focused, lifestyle brand created for the women who feel at home in the sea.


Designed locally in Newcastle, their swimwear is produced from lux, Italian fabrics created from discarded ocean debris.


They focus on developing an everlasting love towards our products, our people and our planet through education and inspiration.



Maksha is an Australian sustainable surf shop that leads circular economies and believes in changing our daily habits towards a sustainable path. 


They make eco-wood Balance Boards for training your SURFING SKILLS. The goal is to step on it so boards extremes do not touch the floor challenging your mental and physical coordination. Improves your stability, posture and flexibility, strengthens core and legs muscles. They are great for injury prevention.


They also offer yoga and activewear made from recycled PLASTIC BOTTLES taken from our Oceans. Maksha loves and wants to protect our environment. Wearing new but recycled is their contribution. 

Try Maksha Balance Board during our Events!

SunButter Skin Care

SunButter's vision is to lift the standards of suncare by providing a new generation in high performance natural sunscreen that protects people without costing our planet.

SunButter products are made with non- nano particle zinc oxide as their UV shield. Firstly because of its many natural healing qualities on sensitive, inflamed or damaged skin and secondly, because it is the most stable UV blocker with the lowest toxicity concern for human and ocean health.

Awesome, right! But they didn't stop there, every ingredient has been tracked back through suppliers to make sure they are sustainably sourced, as well as certified vegan and micro plastic free.

Buy SunButter Surf Zinc during our Events
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