Helena Richardson
Founder, Yoga Teacher, Assistant Surf Coach

Hi, my name is Helena, I’m originally from Poland where I spent most of my life. At the beginning of 2015, I left with one way ticket to Bali to become a yoga teacher and change my life completely. While living in Bali I fell in love with surfing and simple lifestyle that revolves around ocean.

After meeting love of my life and moving to Australia, my relationship with surfing had mainly status “it’s complicated”. While I was pregnant I didn’t surf at all and once I started going out again it felt like learning everything from the beginning.
I felt inadequate in the water. Being surrounded by majority of men, who lived by the ocean their whole life, made me feel quite self conscious. It took awhile to feel the stoke again.

During this past couple years I also met other women who had similar feelings. Lots of them dreaming of learning to surf but at the same time feeling too intimidated, not having another female friends interested in that, thinking they’re too old...
And that’s how the idea of Women Soulful Surf was born.

It’s an inclusive place that welcomes all women, no matter age or experience. It’s a place where you’ll fall in love with surfing and discover the benefits of yoga.

Meet other likeminded women and feel empowered and supported during your journey.

Tiffany Boddey
Head Surf Coach, SA Level 2

Hi, I’m Tiffany, a coffee enthusiast with a latte in hand for every surf-check. I grew up around the Lake Macquarie area, learnt to surf with dad at age 11 and haven’t got out of the ocean since.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been working primarily as a School Counsellor and surfing in every spare second. In 2018, my 19 Year Love of Surfing was formalised through Surf Rescue and Surf Instructor qualifications.
I’m passionate about helping women find a physical activity that’s rewarding, as I have experienced my own barriers when it comes to exercise due to living with anxiety and endometriosis.

I’m a dog person through and through and have one very precious and expensive fur baby of my own, Luna who loves the coastline just as much as much as me! 

Alyx-Jane Smith
Surf Coach, SA Level 1

Hi, I’m Alyx-Jane! I have been surfing on and off since I was 9 but since finding a community of women to surf with I have been in the water a lot more in the past few years.

When I’m not at the beach I am working on my business, a Plant-Based cafe in Blacksmiths, or hanging out with my husband Angus and our 3 pups.

The empowerment and supportive community Women Soulful Surf is creating makes me really excited to see more women in the Surf!